Waitara is an interesting and positive destination for visitors, tourists and new residents. It is a safe caring community representing growth, progress and success.

Our town is strategically placed in the Waitara River Valley, where the river of the same name meets the Tasman sea on the north-Taranaki Bight. At the centre of New Zealand petro-chemical and energy projects, our community of 6,500 is confidently looking forward to a positive future.

We are unique; offering pleasant surroundings, a wonderful thousand year history with signs of early New Zealand occupation, fantastic photographic opportunities, a meandering river, bush areas close by, grey sand with an untamed sea, excellent walkways, a thriving shopping area, friendly and welcoming people, and ample parking.

A special feature of Waitara is its high percentage of New Zealand sporting representatives. Some 80 sports people have represented New Zealand over the past 120 years in various codes. We have also produced New Zealand coaches in Swimming, Rugby League, Wrestling, Special Olympics and Surfing.