New Plymouth District Council

Waitara is part of the New Plymouth District Council; whom we pay our rates to. We are represented at local government level by x2 North Ward representatives, both of whom are currently residents in Waitara.

More Information

For more information, visit the New Plymouth District Council website

Taranaki Regional Council

The Taranaki Regional Council is our environmental watchdog, whom we also pay rates too. Unusually, when our rates bill comes from the District Council our Regional Council bill is in the same envelope.

More Information

For more information, visit the Taranaki Regional Council website

Waitara Community Board

At a local level we are represented by the Waitara Community Board who report to the New Plymouth District council and assist in the decision making process, along with making known to the Council, local annual rates based projects that are in need of maintenance or development.

Local Blueprint

Through our local council, the Community of Waitara are seeking to develop a 30 year ‘Local Blueprint’ that leverages against the Councils own 30 year ‘District Blueprint’.

Trevor Dodunski

Phone: 06 754 7157
9 Bayly Street, Waitara

Andrew Larsen

Phone: 06 754 4942
69 Parris Street, Waitara

Jonathan Marshall

Phone: 06 754 8254
PO Box 276, Waitara

Joe Rauner

Phone: 06 754 8623
9 Leslie St, Waitara