One immediately has a sense of the history associated with this naturally beautiful part of the North Taranaki Coastline, nothing blindingly obvious, just hints every now and then as you paddle walk or ride your bike around the towns pathways and river, perhaps it’s the wairua (spirit) of Waitara or the historic activities that echo through the ages, that lend it that aura of going back in time? Either way Waitara is a fabulous place to live!

At last census there were 6,500 people living here and housing is relatively cheap- given its close proximity to the ocean and the beautiful river

With only a couple of steadily rising hills the town is easy to get around on foot or biking and is well known for its quality open spaces including the beaches, reefs, reserves, parks and the river. The town is divided by the Waitara River; the largest and most diverse waterway in Taranaki, whose catchment is fed by both the Mounga (Mountain) and by tributaries miles further inland. Due to this river divide, the town is commonly referred to by locals as ‘West Side’ and ‘East Side’ with the ‘Town Bridge’ connecting the two sides.

The towns CBD is located on the ‘West Side’ as are most of Waitara businesses. However the majority of the town’s educational institutions and the new Clifton Park, sport and recreation facility are both located on the East side along with the most beautiful and historic Owae Marae and Pā where many international guests to Taranaki are traditionally welcomed to the region.

The main road bypasses this town now, which is a blessing, as the town is now mostly devoid of heavy traffic noise, depending on where you reside. If you are lucky enough to be located towards the sea, the sounds of the sea lapping or crashing onto the shoreline are the predominant lullaby, ensuring a nice restful sleep.

The airport is only a 10 minute drive away and the city of New Plymouth about 5 minute drive further.

There are plans in place by the New Plymouth District Council to extend the famous New Plymouth Walkway all the way out to Waitara- which will be great, residents will then be able to bike or walk to New Plymouth without fear of being run down by Main road traffic