Welcome to Waitara

Welcome to the Waitara Alive website. We hope you enjoy learning more about our Community Development organization and our beautiful coastal town of Waitara, located in the North Taranaki Region of the North Island in New Zealand.

The commonly accepted meaning of the name Waitara is “mountain stream”, although Māori legend states that it was originally Whai-tara—”path of the dart”.

Waitara, the town environs and its’ people, reflect each other perfectly all at once; friendly, beautiful, placid, proud, humorous, laidback and inviting to wild, assertive and adversarial. The very nature of our town and its people’s history has reinforced these attributes over generations.

It is this diversity that makes living and visiting Waitara all the more intriguing and exciting. Our environment is as changeable and edgy as our resident population. Many of our residents are descendants of the indigenous people who first populated this area and the colonists who first tried to enforce British sovereignty upon them.

When Venture Taranaki (the Taranaki regions Economic Development Agency) describes Taranaki as being ‘A little bit out there’ we’re sure they meant us!

Overall, an attitude of do-it-yourself and self-sufficiency prevails. We’re a diverse, proud community with a great environment and never boring!